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Hey all!

Welcome to our first newsletter. We thought this would be a great way to keep you up to date on Moons of Ardan’s ongoing development. We’re aiming to keep these messages short but regular

For those who may not know we are a team of two, with Quentin working full-time on the gamedesign and programming, and François working part-time on the art and asset creation.

💫 Moons of Ardan 💫 is a city-building game set in space where you expand your civilization in a living planetary system. It is available in early access on steam. You can check it out here.


Next patch (0.9.3)

Do you want to know what we are working on ?

  • New building designs: François has started taking a fresh look at the buildings in Moons of Ardan, bringing them to what should be their final form (starting with the most used ones in the game) and implementing LODs in order to optimize the game’s performance.
  • A brand new job assignement priority system: Quentin is working on a feature that many of you have been asking about. This priority system will allow the players to optimize production based on specific products, adding a powerful new tool to your administrative arsenal.
  • And more…


Have you heard of #inktober?

The monthlong art challenge where artists from all over the world post a drawing (usually in ink) every day on social media.

Here’s a gallery of what it looks like in the world of Moons of Ardan!


Both the Pandora Technology and Moons of Ardan websites are going through a technical overhaul. Our main goal is to be able to add new stuff more easily.

Moons of Ardan website

We are planning to add:

  • A blog section to share tips and solutions about interesting problems we have encountered.
  • More information about the game’s systems and lore (some sort of wiki)
  • Future newsletters will also be posted there.

Pandora Technology website

The website was just a blog featuring games we made during gamejams.

The old version is still accessible.

We will slowly add content in a new section.

Indiecade sales

Early November 2022, Indiecade will host an event on Steam to highlight all their participants.

We will be part of it, and offer Moons of Ardan at a 20% discount.


We are working on a Patreon for those who would like to help us on a monthly basis.

This is something we’ve been thinking about for a while, and decided this would not only be a great help for the development of Moons of Ardan, but also in making more games in the long run.


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If you have any inquiries, you can contact us on Discord or at, we will be delighted to help you!


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