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Embark on a space city-building adventure in Moons of Ardan! Develop a thriving civilization in a real-time planetary system. Oversee production chains, cater to the needs of your axonauts, recover their lost technologies, and navigate resource transportation.


Moons of Ardan planets


Build your civilization in a real time simulated planetary system
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Your workforce is your precious resource.

Lead the Axonauts to the path towards reconnecting with their people

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Face the challenges of building an advanced society while remaining respectful with the world

Story and gameplay

From Crash Site to Wonder: Rebuilding Axonaut Civilization

In this game, you’ll follow the Axonauts, the survivors of a generational ship that crashed on a lonely moon. In the crash, most of the technology that served them got lost. Your goal is to help them restore their culture and reconnect with their homeworld by building a great wonder.

To achieve this, you’ll need to collect basic materials to build towns that provide shelter for your people. You must also collect resources and transform them to meet your citizens’ basic needs while satisfying their most luxurious whims. As you progress, you’ll need to balance the use of workers to create a robust and efficient economy and carefully lay an effective transporter network.

Develop Technologies and Expand Empire

As you work towards building the wonder, you’ll need to develop new technologies to uncover the secrets of space travel. You’ll also need to expand your empire in a living planetary system by creating new colonies to exploit the materials discovered by your high-level citizens. With efficient trade routes, you can send resources to the most needy locations.

Manage Energy and Balance Environmental Preservation

As you lead the Axonauts towards greatness, you’ll need to manage a flexible energy system that gives you increased control over your production chains. This system will challenge you to rethink your colony layouts and make strategic decisions that will have long-term impacts on your civilization. Balancing the use of energy sources will be key to maintaining supply for your people.

But with growth comes responsibility. As your civilization expands, you’ll need to keep an eye on the dynamic pollution system that affects your colony’s environment. Balancing your civilization’s growth with environmental preservation will be a constant challenge. As you strive for a balance, you’ll face aesthetic and gameplay challenges, as well as the need to address environmental concerns.

Exploit Asteroid Resources Using Robots

In the end game, you’ll have the opportunity to exploit the resources of asteroids using robots. These robots are completely made through production chains and will allow you to collect valuable resources from space. However, with great power comes great responsibility, and you’ll need to manage these resources carefully to ensure the long-term survival of your civilization.

With all of these features, the fate of the Axonauts rests in your hands. Will you be able to build a thriving civilization that can overcome the challenges of space and achieve greatness? The answer lies in your strategic decisions and leadership abilities.

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