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New buildings

We’ve added two levels of pollution scrubbers.

Simple pollution scrubber

Cleans the air using 0.7 nanofibers per day to dissipates 400 units of pollution and producing 0.01 pollution block.

Costs 10 stones and 10 nanofibers. Requires 10 workers.

Pollution scrubber (not really new)

Cleans the air using 1.2 nanofibers per day to dissipates 700 units of pollution and producing 0.02 pollution block.

Upgrade costs 7 Biofiber. Requires 15 workers.

Advanced pollution scrubber

Cleans the air using 1.5 nanofibers per day to dissipates 900 units of pollution and producing 0.03 pollution block.

Upgrade costs 3 Electronic Components and 3 Lithomolding. Requires 20 workers.

New building designs

We started to improve the buildings in Moons of Ardan, bringing them to what should be their final form (starting with the most used ones in the game) and implementing LODs in order to optimize the game’s performance.

Woodcutter’s hut




Large warehouse
Giant warehouse

A brand new job assignment priority system

One of the most requested features is here, the priority system allowing players to optimize production.

You can use the priority system in the employment tab.

There are three priority levels:

  • All building priority levels are set by default to normal.
  • High means that the worker positions get filled before the normal and low levels.
  • Low means they get assigned last.

The job assignment tutorial has been updated to explain the new feature. A new animation has also been added to better explain job assigment.

New visuals


Grass and trees

New building information icons

New influence ranges color

New building selected visual

Improved building placement and area ranges

We have improved the visuals to reduce cluttering when placing buildings.

When placing the woodcutter’s hut, you will now see the work area of all others to prevent sharing trees.

More data graphics

Now, graph history is saved to keep track between games.

Pollution graph

The tooltip of the pollution bar now shows the level of global pollution and pollution progression on your moons for the last 5 days.

Resource graph

In the tooltip, we’ve added the consumption of the industrial buildings beside the citizens'.

The graph has also been updated with:

  • In brown, the pollution level of the buildings.
  • In black, the evolution of the moon storage.
  • In green, the industry and citizen consumption rate.
  • In blue, the production rate.


The sampling of graphs is now constant to avoid too thin lines of messy graphics.

Other improvements

  • From the moment a resource is unlocked, its production chain is available in the resource window for the player to study it.
  • A new panel is shown on the main screen to attract player attention on how they can help increase our visibility.
  • A message is displayed when a camera shortcut is assigned
  • Axodrones have been renamed Axobots
  • On the planetary map, spaceship cargos are directly displayed
  • We have improved the visuals to reduce cluttering when placing buildings.
  • Space route overview button is not hiding moons or asteroids anymore
  • When a need is frozen for your citizens, a pop-up is now shown to warn the player
  • The tooltips of unique buildings have been improved to show important information on their construction process


  • The growth rate of trees has been reduced [(0.96/d-1.6/d) ➡️ (3.6/d-6/d)]
  • Local transporters (those in charge of fetching input resources of producers) only fetch resources in the range of the building. This fixes behavior where they traveled the whole planet to fetch a resource in a producing building far away because the moon storage was empty
  • Buildings values that have been changed:


  • Biofiber factory animation is fixed
  • Looping space routes parameters (loading limit, wait time) are now used and saved correctly
  • Needs that were unlocking two spaces into houses (entertainment, jewelry) were bugged
  • Savegames were broken if the last city center of a moon was destroyed
  • The resource graph was not shown when entering the resource window
  • Prevent zooming when scrolling a panel (overview and queue), that was linked to pausing those
  • Events were not correctly unregistered when the GameManager was destroyed, which could cause strange behavior when games were started/reloaded without restarting the game
  • Fix the repeated Dweller in the system population summary
  • Pause setting was something messed up when a pop-up was shown


  • Trees are correctly included in the visibility manager
  • Revert Unity workaround: Production chains in the resource panel do not show tooltips anymore nor are navigable [UNITY 2021.3.5f BUG]
  • LODs have been created for more buildings and for citizens

💾How save conversion works💾

When you launch the new version, all saves that have been done with the previous version (0.9.1-0.9.2) will be converted and usable in the new version (0.9.3)


No acceptable ways of converting trade from v0.9.1 routes were found, so trade routes have been reset.


You will have to replan your trade routes. This means you get to use the new planning tool at once, 🎆YAY!🎆


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