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[PREVIEW] Moons of Ardan v0.9.3 patch changelog

Do you want to know what we are working on ?

New building designs

François has started taking a fresh look at the buildings in Moons of Ardan, bringing them to what should be their final form (starting with the most used ones in the game) and implementing LODs in order to optimize the game’s performance.



A brand new job assignement priority system

Quentin is working on a feature that many of you have been asking about. This priority system will allow the players to optimize production based on specific products, adding a powerful new tool to your administrative arsenal.

The job assignment tutorial has been updated to explain the new feature. A new animation has also been added to better explain job assigment.

More graphs

Now, graph history is saved to keep track between games.

Pollution graph

The tooltip of the pollution bar now shows the level of global pollution and pollution progression on your moons for the last 5 days.

Resource graph

In the tooltip, we’ve added the consumption of the industry buildings besides the citizen’s. The graph has also been updated with:

  • In brown, the pollution level of the buildings.
  • In black, the evolution of the moon storage.
  • In red, the consumption rate.
  • In blue, the production rate.

More scrubbers

We’ve added two levels of pollution scrubbers.

Look at the temporary building models.

Building placement and area range

We have improved the visuals to reduce cluttering when placing buildings.

When placing woodcutter’s hut, you will now see the work area of all others to prevent sharing tree.


  • When planning a trip to an asteroid, the repeat checkbox won’t be available until the Asteroid hub is completely built
  • House upgrade hint has been fixed
  • Blinking woodcutter placement tooltip is fixed at normal speed
  • Pollution processing facility building info now states that it needs three steps to be build
  • Spaceship overview now pauses the game


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