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Hey all!

Welcome to our second newsletter.

This past month we’ve been hard at work trying to bring the newest patch to you.

This update includes quite a few visual upgrades, with better-looking trees and clouds. We’ve also started updating some of the already existing buildings with better details and LODs, going a long way toward improving performance.

We’ve also rolled out a much-asked feature, a job priority system that will help you better control how workers are being assigned between buildings.

Be sure to check it all out in the patch notes below!

For those who may not know we are a team of two, with Quentin working full-time on the game design and programming, and François working part-time on the art and asset creation.

💫 Moons of Ardan 💫 is a city-building game set in space where you expand your civilization in a living planetary system. It is available in early access on steam. You can check it out here.


Patch v0.9.3 is out!

  • New building designs
  • Job priority system
  • New moons visuals
  • More data graphics
  • And more…


Have you heard of #inktober?

The monthlong art challenge where artists from all over the world post a drawing (usually in ink) every day on social media.

Here’s the complete gallery of what it looks like in the world of Moons of Ardan!


Both the Pandora Technology and Moons of Ardan websites designs have been improved.

Moons of Ardan website

  • New “newsletter” and “Patch notes” section have been added.
  • Key point of the game have been highlighted

We are still planning to add:

  • A blog section to share tips and solutions about interesting problems we have encountered.
  • More information about the game’s systems and lore (some sort of wiki)

Pandora Technology website

We did change the look of the website to a more sci-fi version.

Winter sales

Mid-December 2022, the famous Steam Winter sales will happen.

We will be part of it, and offer Moons of Ardan at a 20% discount.


The Patreon is still in development as we worked a lot on the last patch.

We hope to be able to release something early next year as reaching financial indepence is really our goal. We’d really like to be able to release game without spending too much energy in marketing and more on our wonderfull community.


Follow us!

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