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[March 2024]

A New Beginning

Get ready, Axonauts! The Early Access Patch #11 Has Landed! (v0.11.0)

I’ve poured my heart and soul into Moons of Ardan’s latest patch for months, and the day is finally here! I am thrilled to release the latest major patch (v0.11.0), packed with features that will make your city-building adventures even more awesome.

Let’s dive in!

New Mission System:

  • Feeling lost in the vastness of space? No worries! I’ve got you covered with a brand new mission system featuring 32 missions, including 23 guided tutorials. These will help you get your bearings, learn the ropes, and become a master Ardan colonist in no time!

Deeper Lore Integration:

  • Get ready to deepen your connection to the Moons of Ardan universe! I’ve woven new stories into the missions, immersing you in the narrative and keeping you hooked on your citizens’ destiny.

Non-Linear Progression:

  • I know the previous linear system felt restrictive, and I always wanted you to forge your path! The new tech tree boasts over 65 technologies and 6 science types, allowing you to choose your development path and build thriving lunar colonies that reflect your playstyle.

New axopedia:

  • The new axopedia is a valuable resource for both new and experienced players. It is a comprehensive encyclopedia that allows you to review all information distilled through the game and is a wealth of knowledge about the game. You can now browse the axopedia at your own pace and learn about the game at your convenience.
  • Previously, only the tutorials were reviewable. This meant that I had to put all hints into that system, and it was most of the time badly timed. Now, with the hint section you can review the core of what I would have told you if I had backseat you :D

But wait, there’s more!

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a curious newcomer, this is the perfect time to join the adventure! Jump in, explore the exciting possibilities, and become a part of the thriving Ardan community.

Anyway, thank you for your support!



New mission system

  • Population Cap Freedom: The mid and end-game missions now grant players the freedom to manage their population without any caps, allowing for more strategic choices.
  • The mission objectives are now visible, preventing players from getting lost in their next goal to continue progressing in the game.

New progression system

  • Introducing a research screen
  • A building for science production


  • Axopedia to replace tutorial hub
  • Improved hints easier to review

UI improvements

  • New location for the “show all resource” button, to enhance its visibility.

Landing Platform Refactoring

  • Introduced a new resource called “Used small spacecraft” to clarify spacecraft reconditioning
  • The landing platform is now technically considered a resource producer, handling “Used small spacecraft” and reconditioning them into “Small spacecraft”.
  • Landing pads are now visually linked to warehouses

Other improvements

  • [v0.11.0.14] Added a link to changelogs on the Moons of Ardan website.
  • [v0.11.0.14] Implemented new analytics content flow to fix the old Unity behaviour.
  • [v0.11.0.16] Resource producers now only get resources from nearby storages or producers.
  • [v0.11.0.16] General Performances improvements.
  • [v0.11.0.16] Performances improvements when playing on a saved game.



  • Renamed some “resource sciences” for clarity:
    • Planetary sciences -> Planetary studies
    • Stellar sciences -> Stellar studies
    • Exogeological data -> Cosmogeological data
    • Planetary research -> Interstellar chemical data
  • Game Speed Adjustments:
    • Reduced mid-game speed to x2.
    • Reduced max game speed to x4.
  • Reduced planet rotation speed by 2.
  • Modified building ground base
    • Enlarged the “base” of many buildings to prevent glitchy selection decal overlay.
    • Rounded the base of “Mission Control,” “Asteroid Warehouse,” and “Zero-G Foundry” buildings.

Building adjustments

  • Some changes have been made to reduce asteroid colonisation time.
  • [v0.11.0.16] Coraline mine production [ 1/d -> 2/d ]

Bug fixes


  • Resolved issues causing disruptions in production for resource producers and landing platforms due to rounding problems.
  • Addressed delays in buildings with long production times to correctly update their dependencies (e.g., pollution clearance, energy) upon loading a game.
  • Fixed production buildings with long production times fail to start production upon receiving their first delivery.
  • Rectified production triggers causing irregular production timings and potential storage space overlap.
  • Fixed precision issues mainly affecting scrubbers, eliminating potential performance impacts.
  • Fixed an issue where upgrading a building would instantly complete a resource.

Energy network

  • Fixed an issue where pausing the game would reset the energy network status and erroneously display warning icons.


  • Resolved an issue causing transported resources to be lost when saving and reloading a game.

Trade routes

  • Fixed an issue allowing the creation of trade routes to an asteroid event without the correct setup (Landing platform).


  • Adjusted low-quality settings to ensure clouds disappear, preventing buildings from being obscured in the low orbit view.
  • Rectified the Axonaut icon in the upgrade panel, ensuring it is replaced by the Axobot icon when necessary.
  • [v0.11.0.13] Fixed the low-quality mesh for Velaa.
  • [v0.11.0.14] Fixed a crash when navigating the system resources graphs.
  • [v0.11.0.14] Fixed a crash when shutting down a building while the game was paused and then resuming gameplay.
  • [v0.11.0.14] Fixed a crash occurring in the resource info screen when accessing a Biofiber on a planet that does not have producers (such as pollution scrubbers) for Pollution Block.
  • [v0.11.0.15] Fixed texts in the news panel and first mission story.
  • [v0.11.0.16] Fixed a crash when trying to build on ast-004


  • Remove citizen path (preview) debug options.
  • The feedback button has been moved to the option menu.
  • [v0.11.0.13] Using latest unity 2021.3.36f version.



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