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[June 2023]

Population Management and Quality of Life

In this latest update, we have prioritized an extensive population management overhaul, making it significantly easier for players to understand the way they are functioning. Our aim is to make it significantly easier for players to satisfy the needs of their inhabitants.

Additionally, this patch brings substantial enhancements to various elements throughout the game. We have dedicated our efforts to refining the user interface and providing players with more comprehensive information to facilitate better decision-making. These improvements not only simplify day-to-day management but also help to optimize production chains and streamline resource transport at both micro and macro scales.



Population Increase Overhaul

In previous versions of Moons of Ardan, the population would increase or decrease based on the satisfaction of all needs collectively. This meant that if a low-level need was no longer fulfilled, the population would decrease until it reached the limit set by the first satisfied need.

However, in the latest update, we have implemented a significant change to the population system. Each need is now decoupled from the others, meaning that the satisfaction of each individual need contributes to the population growth independently. As a result, meeting the requirements of each need will bring in a specific number of citizens that can be accommodated in the available houses.

This overhaul allows for a more nuanced and realistic population simulation, where meeting different needs has a direct impact on the growth and stability of the population. Players will have to carefully manage and prioritize various needs to ensure the continued expansion and prosperity of their colony on the Moons of Ardan.

Display of Initial Production Rate for Woodcutters

  • When placing a new woodcutter, the initial production rate is now displayed alongside the max predicted rate when all trees have grown.
  • This information helps to place a new woodcutter efficiently.

Improved build menu

  • The build menu now displays the number of existing buildings of a specific type on the current moon when hovering over a building icon, giving you a quick overview of your colony’s infrastructure.
  • Right-clicking on a building icon in the build menu allows you to cycle through different occurrences of the already build building of that type.
  • These enhancements streamline navigation and selection, making it easier to find and place desired structures.

Global System Resource Screen

  • A new “System” tab has been added to the Resource screen, providing an overview of resource information across all moons in your colony.
  • Previously, the Resource screen displayed only resource data specific to the current moon you were viewing
  • Now, you can access aggregated information for each resource, including production and consumption, on a global scale.
  • Make informed decisions and optimize resource management more effectively.

Enhanced Warehouse User Interface

  • The warehouse user interface now displays data specific to the selected warehouse, hence the number of transporters that currently transport resources and producers waiting for a transporter.
  • Curved line overlays have been introduced to visually connect transport providers and associated buildings.

Updated buildings


Reduces harvested wood into biofilament. An injectable building material for additive construction engines.

Add Resource Sorting in the Resources Screen

  • Resource sorting functionality has been implemented in the Resources screen.
  • Choose to display Building materials, Need-related resources, or Secondary resources for easy navigation.

Hover Functionality for Resources Graph

  • The resources graph now provides more detailed information when hovered.
  • Fetch the exact values for resource production, consumption, …
  • Gain precise data to make informed decisions and optimize resource management strategies.

Round Buildings: Curved Road Integration

  • Curved roads have been added to encircle round buildings, enhancing their visual appeal.
  • Previously, round buildings had straight roads that didn’t match their circular design.
  • The new curved roads create a more seamless and natural look for your colonies.

Milestone Progression Screen

  • A new screen has been introduced to conveniently track reached and future milestones.
  • Easily monitor your technological development by clicking on the milestone button.
  • The milestone progression screen visually represents your progress, fostering a sense of accomplishment and engagement.

Enhanced Feedback Icons for Full Producer Output

  • When a producer’s output is full and production has stopped, a more detailed feedback message is now provided.
  • The new red indicator highlights when a building’s storage is full but the moon’s storage is not, indicating that your logistic network is experiencing a failure in hauling and an insufficient transportation capacity for the number of production buildings.
  • Previously, a yellow indicator would appear when the building’s storage reached its maximum capacity. While this indicated full storage, it didn’t provide insight into the underlying problem, which is the status of the moon’s stockpile. When both the building’s storage and the moon’s storage are full, the yellow indicator will remain. This situation not negatively impacting your economy.
  • This improvement helps you troubleshoot production and logistics issues effectively.

Space Route Overview Filters

  • The Space Route Overview screen now includes filters for sorting routes by destination or cargo type.
  • These filters make managing space transportation operations more efficient.
  • Spend less time searching and more time optimizing your routes.

Status Icons Cycling on Buildings

  • Buildings now have status icons that cycle over them, providing clearer visual indicators.
  • Previously, only the most critical status icon remained static, which made it challenging to identify buildings requiring attention.
  • This feature improves visibility and allows for easier tracking of important information, such as worker shortages and building malfunctions.

Finding Buildings Using the Production Chain Graph

  • The production chain graph in the resource screen now allows you to locate secondary resource buildings more easily.
  • Right-clicking on a node in the graph cycles through the corresponding producer buildings.
  • This intuitive feature simplifies the process of finding specific buildings responsible for producing secondary resources.

Need Deprivation Status Icon

  • A new Need Deprivation Status Icon appears when a resource’s consumption is limited, preventing the fulfilment of citizens’ needs.
  • This visual indicator clearly signals constraints in satisfying the population’s requirements.

Changelog Integration in Title Screen

  • The changelog is now directly accessible from the title screen.
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest updates and changes.

  • Asteroid-related buildings (Asteroid hub and Asteroid warehouse) have been moved to the space category to improve the overall navigation experience.

Replacement of Trend Icon with Warning

  • The trend icon showing storage variation has been replaced with a warning icon.
  • The warning icon is displayed when theoretical consumption exceeds theoretical production.
  • This change ensures that negative trends or issues are prominently displayed, drawing immediate attention to areas that require action.

Resource Problems Icon in Production Chain Navigation

  • The resource problems warning icon has been added to the production chain navigation.
  • This icon serves as a visual indicator, highlighting resource-related issues or inefficiencies in the production process.

Improved Information Explanations for Worker and Energy Icons

  • Information explanations for worker and energy icons have been added to tooltips for better understanding.
  • Clear and concise details are provided about the meaning and significance of each icon.

Happiness Display in Citizen Info UI

  • The Citizen Info UI now includes the display of citizen happiness.
  • Monitor and assess the overall happiness level of your citizens.
  • Gain valuable insights into their well-being and take appropriate actions to maintain a content and thriving population.

Other improvements

  • Woodcutters now replace trees with the correct skin when built.
  • Improved performance of opening the space route overview.
  • Pollution blocks reaching the moon’s max storage will now be displayed in the “secondary resource list” with a warning icon.
  • Display of resources consumed more than produced in the “secondary resource list”.
  • The tutorial notification panel expands each time a new tutorial notification is triggered when the player chooses to follow the tutorial.


  • Warehouse upgrades now increase their storage capacity.
  • Reduced wood consumption of the small energy plant to improve the wood delivery rate.
  • Happiness now takes into account both pollution and needs satisfaction.
  • Adjusted milestone requirements to accommodate the faster growth of the citizen population.

Buildings differences

Initial resources

Warehouses storage

Worker adjustment



  • Corrected the localization of the energy produced tooltip in the energy tab.
  • Fixed glitchy black fade out when using the “quit to main menu” entry from a game.
  • Resource history data sampling is now correctly saved.



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